Moshav Hatzeva is located in the Central Arava. There are about 130 families living in the Moshav, most of whom make their living from farming during the winter months. Living in the Arava has been made possible as a result of the groundwater reservoirs and fifty drilled wells that supply drinking water and water for agriculture to communities in the Arava, amongst which, Moshav Hatzeva.

The moshav is located approximately 25 kilometers south of the Dead Sea, about 135 km. from Eilat, about 100 km. from Beer-Sheva, and quite close to the Jordanian border. In recent years, the tourism industry began to develop within the community. It should be noted that the winter season – including both the Spring and Autumn – is a very suitable time of year for touring throughout the Arava and the eastern Negev, due to the excellent climatic conditions.

In the proximity of the settlement there are a large variety of tour options, such as: the Shizaf Nature Reserve, the Springs Route, Ma’ale Akrabim, as well as the craters and the canyons of the northern Negev – Ashalim, Paras, Tamar, Tsafit, Gov, and more. Also, the settlement is situated close to the Spice Route and the canyons in the central Negev, amongst which: Barak Canyon, Vardit Canyon, Ada and others. There are numerous and wide-ranging options for touring in the region, for instance hiking, cycling, off-road vehicles – or you may choose to simply relax.

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