Recommended by ‘Mapa’ 2013 – “Desert Routes Inn” and “Ras HaShita”

Every year the “Mapa” website provides its readers with a selection of recommended restaurants, hiking trails and attractions countrywide. This year the site focused on interviews with the people who are ‘behind the scenes’ of these recommendations. Amongst them, naturally, Boaz Oz – the man who has been responsible for desert tourism at Hatzeva for over a decade-and-a-half.


Boaz Oz – “Desert Routes Inn” and “Ras HaShita” Overnight Campsite

Boaz Oz summarizes with a deep sense of satisfaction sixteen years of desert tourism at Hatzeva; he reports that he has not become tired of his love for people, is love of providing hospitality and, most of all, his abiding love for the desert. Boaz came here with just a backpack, and says that this also how he’ll leave, just with his connection to the region and to the routes in the desert.

Boaz Oz (Photo: Jeremy Abuhazera)

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