“Desert Routes Inn” and the “Ras HaShita”

The sites were established based on the principles of classic desert hospitality – similar to the attitude towards hospitality in Sinai and in the deserts of the Middle East in general.

The “Desert Routes Inn”

The “Desert Routes Inn” is an accommodation site located at Moshav Hatzeva. It is constructed from a central Khan (desert Inn) which is spacious and shaded, in which mats, hammocks, comfortable seating arrangements and green desert foliage is scattered around. Also, there are tourist information corners at the site, book-cases, games areas and well-equipped kitchens. 

In the Khan – there are pleasant and well-kept guest units, as well as neat and clean tents in which to sleep, with toilets and showers adjacent to them.

The site is based on ‘green’ principles – the primary components of the construction at the site is earthen bricks, bamboo and date palms. The sewage from the site is drained to the oxidation pool on the Moshav, and that is used to irrigate the central date orchard that is shared by the Moshav members. Also, there is a solar system above the covering of the site which produces a considerable amount of power, and provides for most of the site’s electrical requirements.

For well over a decade the site has been receiving a large variety of guests, such as: individuals, couples, families and groups. It should be noted that the site is especially suited to hosting all kinds of groups. 

‘Ras HaShita’ Overnight Campsite

The ‘Ras HaShita’ overnight campsite is located outside the Moshav, on the border between the agricultural fields and the banks of the Gidron river. The site is built as a model of an ancient farm, the likes of which existed in the Arava until about a thousand years ago. The site was constructed from an orchard of trees such as palm, carob, pomegranate, plums, olives, grapevines and more. Also, there is a large central hut scattered with rugs and comfortable seating.

There is a self-service kitchen on the site and a seating area where guests may eat their meals; there are large, spacious, well kept and clean toilets & showers. Within the area of the site there are tents and huts scattered around, furnished with mats, rugs, mattresses and pillows. Accommodation at the overnight campsite is suitable for groups, families and individuals.

The sight overlooks a natural and open desert panorama and allows unrestricted accessibility to the desert, to light a campfire, and so on.

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