Desert Meals


Together with the accommodation at our sites you may enjoy a ‘Desert Menu’ (kosher) that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The menu features the secrets of desert cooking, for example: Bedouin pita-bread baked in a tabun-oven, white cheeses, seasoned rice, casserole dishes and more. 

Arava Meat Meal


Stewed Beef casserole

Baked Chicken

Vegetable casserole

Hot side-dishes:

Rice, couscous


At least eight types of salads

Bread, Bedouin pita-bread (whole wheat flour)

Cold beverage

Hot drinks




3 kinds of cheese – Cottage-cheese / cream-cheese / feta, yoghourt cheese, 5% soft white cheese

Omelets (On the Sabbath: hard-boiled eggs / shakshuka / jachnun)

Sliced vegetables

Green salad

Tuna Salad

Olives, tahini, butter

Bread, whole-wheat Bedouin pita

Jam, chocolate

Cold beverage

Hot drinks

*The meals are kosher

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