DeMarker – recommended Khans (Desert Inns) in the Arava

An article published in the DeMarker magazine and website selected the best Khans (desert inns) in the Arava, amongst which was ‘Ras HaShita’.

Sinai, but without a beach

Ras HaShita in the northern Arava, is about 2 km north-east of the Hatzeva junction.

The ‘Ras HaShita’ Overnight Campsite is reminiscent of the Sinai coast, but without the beach. Instead of the beach there is desert,” says Boaz Oz, manager of the Khan. There are several guest complexes within the vicinity of the Khan, including a large central hut with armchairs; huts that are suitable for up to five people; as well as tents that can sleep up to 20 people. There are hammocks scattered around inside the Khan.

Anyone who is considering coming to stay is recommended to do so within the next few weeks, because in another month the heat will prevail during the daytime hours and the weather will become slightly less pleasant.

Meals: Desert Breakfast is based on pita-bread baked in a Bedouin tabun oven, labaneh (yoghourt cheese) tahini and vegetables. Supper includes dishes such as stewed beef and vegetables, rice and couscous, salads and, for dessert – dates.

Price: 160 NIS per adult, 120 per child for bed and two meals (breakfast and supper).

For the full article from the DeMarker website (in Hebrew) – click here